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  • Golden Gate Bridge Sunset
  • Picutre of Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog
  • Golden Gate Bridge Traffic: Night
  • Golden Gate Bridge View
  • Early Morning Photo | Golden Gate Bridge
  • Three San Francisco Icons at Dawn
  • Golden Gate Bridge at Dawn, Fort Baker

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Images of the Golden Gate Bridge specializes in stock photography and high-resolution pictures created by professional photographer Betsy Malloy. This site features hi res fine art prints and licensing for digital downloads. The photographer is more than happy to help photo professionals, editors and art buyers make the strongest possible presentations for their projects. She can also assist with your corporate decor or healthcare decor installations.

The main focus (pun intended) here is San Francisco’s iconic images captured in unique, fresh and interesting ways. You won’t find any over-saturated, boring postcard pictures or cheesy, cheap calendar shots here. While other photographers are off to photograph the Brooklyn Bridge, Sydney’s Harbor Bridge or the Hanzhou Bay Bridge, Betsy will be in San Francisco instead, waiting for the sun to come up, the moon to set or the fog to clear around the Golden Gate Bridge.