About the Golden Gate Bridge Photographer

Betsy Malloy is a digital image-maker with over a decade of experience, working out of the San Francisco Bay Area. This website is exclusively for her images of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Why Images of the Golden Gate Bridge?

The Golden Gate Bridge’s universal appeal comes from its unparalleled combination of location and design – and from its proximity to one of the world’s favorite cities. That’s what drew me to it in the first place and working with that single subject has been a sometimes frustrating but always exciting experience.

In the beginning, I wondered: “How do you create fresh, interesting images of something so familiar that it verges on tacky, its likeness on postcards, cheap calendars and Rice-a-Roni ads?”  A few of the things it takes are diligence, research, lots of planning, knowledge of the over-used, cliche shots to avoid – and a bit of luck with the weather. A pair of warm socks and a cup of hot coffee help, too. And you have to make friends with the fog.

What you’ll find here are the results of several years of work: a set of unique, interesting and beautiful images of the Golden Gate Bridge. They’re available for licensing, but beautiful enough to hang on the walls of your office, business, home or anywhere else – and we offer them as digital prints, too.

Your Next Steps

Take a look at the images by browsing through the pages in the menu. You can pull comps if you need them and put them in a lightbox or license them directly through the website. If you need something else, we probably have it covered.  To find out, check the “How To…” page.

If you like what you see, but have a unique project that requires both images of the Golden Gate Bridge and a creative partner, anything is possible and I’d love to help. The contact information is on every page of this website and I’m just a phone call or e-mail away.

The Guarantee

If you license digital download or buy prints from Images of the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll get the highest possible quality, clean, sharp digital images possible. They’ll be corrected for digital noise, color balance, lens distortions and are free of sensor dirt and other defects.

We can’t make this a guarantee, but Betsy tries not to let her photographer’s ego get in the way of your project.

Contact Info

Phone: 408-569-5107, 408-358-8740

Text: 408-569-5107

E-Mail: Betsy@FromBetsyMalloy.com

Mailing Address: Available on Request